Perimeter Beams

MRU ER offers our clients high performance, Active Wireless Intrusion Sensor Beams.

These long-range high performance, outdoor active wireless Beams are designed to detect significant motion once armed.

Consisting of a transmitter unit, which is the source of the invisible sensor, an active night sensor beam emission, and a receiver unit, which receives the detection and immediately sets off the alarm sending an alert signal to the Monitoring Control Centre to take necessary action.

These specific active wireless intrusion Sensor Beams cannot be covered, masked or blocked without causing an immediate alarm alert. They are multiplexed uniquely between transmitter and receiver.

Amongst the many exciting security features, Wireless Perimeter Beams also comes with SOS.

What is SOS?
Since we understand that crime affects everyone, but not everyone out there can afford to pay for quality safety and security services, we therefore, incorporated MRU ER’s service affordability initiative called, SOS (Service Option Status) to cater for our client’s budget while providing them with top security services needed. Ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP our client’s are now able to choose superior security services according to their needs AND their budget.